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Author Topic: YaBB SE 1.5.0 detailed changelog  (Read 15192 times)
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YaBB SE 1.5.0 detailed changelog
« on: December 25, 2002, 10:05:58 AM »
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new/changed features
  • Added "Show Signature in Profile"-Mod by Sylvester
  • Added additional Confirmation page when deleting Posts older than XX Days
  • Added optimisation of queries as well as eliminiation of unnecesary queries (SpeedUpBoardIndex Mod v2.2) - Compuart
  • Implemented extra speedup code for boardindex - Compuart
  • Added show IP in profile - mod by Wiziwig
  • Added check e-mail address for containing '@' and '.' - part of mod by opus
  • Added show message you're replying to under the reply box - mod by Jedi~
  • Added SMTP type as possible mailhost - mod by Chris Cromer
  • Added delete multiple IM's - mod by Gobalopper
  • Added Merge/split topic option - mod by Mach8
  • Administrator can now have and set reserved names - David
  • Implemented 'time taken to load page' mod - Omar Bazavilvazo
  • Added that the image "new" is a link to the thread, with start=new (useful to catch the new posts since last read) - Omar Bazavilvazo
  • Added 'view members by membergroup' - David
  • Added admin function 'Optimize tables' - Mediman/Manju
  • added possibility for admins and moderators to modify and reply to locked topics - Compuart
  • added topBoards, topTopicsViews, topTopicReplies, latestMember and boardStats to SSI - Nemesis
  • added some customization options to the top of SSI.php - Compuart
  • implemented a fast(er) version of recentTopics - Compuart
  • added 'yesterday mod' - Compuart (original mod by John R)
  • added 'back to posts' mod - Compuart
  • added 'Simple search' mod - Compuart
  • added 'remove nested quotes' mod - Compuart
  • rearranged modsettings - Compuart
  • added interface for merge mod - Compuart
  • added help tags to every modsetting - Tim C
  • redesigned repairboards in order to make it better and (much, much) faster - Compuart
  • redesigned splittopics in order to fix some bugs, increase data integrity and make sure guest posts are split correctly - Compuart
  • added an anchor reference in the report to moderator link - Compuart
  • added option 'admins and moderators' for 'poll posting restrictions' in modsettings - Compuart
  • added mod to make local cookie storage optional - Compuart
  • added gray-out register when not agreed - mod by Nemesis
  • replaced button set - Marco
security fixes
  • Fixed Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in Register.php and Errors.php - Christian Land
  • Users have to enter old password to set a new one - Christian Land
  • Implemented security fix checking referer and session based form submission - Compuart
  • fixed 'Existing moderator names can be registered as user' - Chris Cromer
  • Fixed "Smilies do not show when put as first character of a line"
  • Fixed "Link tree not showing 'inline' when editing a poll"
  • Fixed "No linktree showing in 'modify message'"
  • Fixed "Forum settings and preferences do not accept quote-characters in text-strings"
  • Fixed "ICQPager doesn't allow guests to set sender name and email"
  • Fixed "languagefile is still incorrect after login (with the result that recently logged in users cannot post)"
  • Fixed "top- and bottom-buttons don't show on dutch language boards"
  • Fixed "'Post event' in Calendar doesn't work"
  • Fixed "Function array_map isn't supported by php-version 4.0.4"
  • Fixed "quote link uses wrong anchor" - Gobalopper
  • Fixed "Blank image in live news on admin page not linked properly" - MC600
  • Fixed "Title isn't shown correctly on 'View last XX Postings of a user' Page" - Christian Land
  • Fixed a little Layout-Bug in BoardIndex... missing ":" behind $txt[19]
  • Changed the Delete-Board and Delete-Category functions. Now Polls & Calendar-Events are deleted, too. Some of the Log-Tables are updated, too.
  • Added "Number of posts correction with RemoveThread.php"-Mod by Sylvester
  • Fixed HTML-output in recent topics - Christian Land
  • Fixed some key-assignments in install.php
  • packman fixes - Jack R. Abbit
    • Fixed bug that causes install to hang when the "additional info" tags were used in the .mod file.
    • Made it so that PacMan understands BoardMod tags .mod files.
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when you had two identical search blocks for different source files in the same mod.
    • Extended the already undocumented PackageServer code to allow package servers to list some "additional info" about the mod (version, author, email, homepage).  Should be handy to allow a person to host others' mods
    • Made cosmetic changes to standardize the PacMan screens.
  • Fixed 'semicolon in personal text and signature' bug
  • Fixed problem with storage of news items containing single quotes - Compuart
  • fixed xml-news loading inside the iframe - Compuart
  • fixed missing link in mail containing password - Compuart
  • fixed global moderators cannot lock topic after previewing - Compuart
  • removed 'Location of Sendmail Program', 'SMTP-server' and 'Send Mail using' from 'Forum Preferences and Settings'-screen - Compuart
  • fixed 'boards in manageboards are not ordered by boardOrder' - David
  • fixed 'help file doesn't display when REGISTER_GLOBALS is disabled' - Christian Land
  • added show realIP - Sylvester
  • fixed /me-tag not showing right in preview - Compuart
  • fixed mark (all) as read leaves obsolete log_topic entries - Compuart
  • fixed insert queries for log tables using REPLACE INTO in stead of INSERT INTO where possible - Compuart
  • fixed UBBC-buttons so that the tags will surround the selected text instead of replacing it - Compuart
  • fixed attachmentsize not being stored properly - DaveT
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