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Author Topic: Request!  (Read 3002 times)
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« on: February 29, 2004, 10:53:01 PM »
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Im not to good with the HTML and such, but I was wondering if somebody could help me.

Im trying to give my board a sleek new look, but I cant even use the templete generaters correctly...

If somebody would be interested in whipping me something up real quick, nothing to fancy, that would be awsome.

I just want something black and white, with a black background and white font.  Any help would be great, thanks!
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« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2004, 07:52:12 PM »
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hey give me your forum address and username and password if you want then ill put this template in your site anyways heres the code



<title><yabb title></title>
<style type="text/css">
font          { font-family : Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif; font-size : 10px;}
A:link        {text-decoration: none; color: #FFB903;}
A:visited     {text-decoration: none; color: #FFB903;}
A:hover       {text-decoration: none; color: #DDDDDD; font-style: normal; text-decoration: underline overline}}
BODY          {scrollbar-face-color: #272A2F; scrollbar-shadow-color: #1B1E25; scrollbar-highlight-color: #cccccc;
               scrollbar-3dlight-color: #272A2F; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #1B1E25; scrollbar-track-color: #444444;
               scrollbar-arrow-color: #ffb903; font-family: Verdana}
.nav          {text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF;}
.nav:link     {text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF;}
.nav:visited  {text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF;}
.nav:hover    {text-decoration: none; color: #FFB903; font-style: normal; text-decoration: underline}
.windowbg     {background-color: #080808;}
.windowbg2    {background-color: #404040;}
.windowbg3    {background-color: #BFBFC9;}
.titlebg      {background-color: #4B4B4B;}
.text1        {font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; font-size: 13px; color: #FFFFFF;}
.catbg        {background-color: #0A0A0A; color: #EEEEEE; font-weight: bold; font-size: 13px;}
.bordercolor  {background-color: #000800;}
.quote        {font-size: 10px; font-family: Arial; color: #FFFFFF; background-color: dimgray;}
.code         {font-size: 10px; font-family: Courier New; color: #000000; background-color: #FFB920;}
TD            {font-family: Verdana; color: #FFFFFF}
input         {background-color: #333333; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 10pt; color: #FFFFFF;}
textarea      {background-color: #333333; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 10pt; color: #FFFFFF;}
select        {background-color: #333333; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 7pt; color: #FFFFFF;}
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

<body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="margin: 0" link=#808080 vlink=#808080 alink=#FFFFFF bgcolor="#1E1E1E">

    <table border="0" bordercolor="#333333" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
        <td valign="top"><table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0" align="CENTER"
        bgcolor="#000000" width="100%">
          <tr bgcolor="#272A2F">
            <td><table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
                <td valign="middle" align="center" colspan="2"><a href="http://www.the-chronicles.com" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://the-chronicles.com/images/objects/Forum_banner.jpg" border="0"></a></td>
                <td valign="middle" align="LEFT">  <font size="4"><yabb boardname></font> <font size="1">:: Powered by <a href="http://yabb.xnull.com">YaBB</a></font> <br>  <font size="2"> <yabb title> </font> </td>
    <td><font size="2"><yabb uname> <yabb im> <br>
<yabb time>    </font><br>

          <tr align="center" valign="middle" bgcolor="#444444">
            <td><font size="2" ><yabb menu> </font></td>
        <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" align="center" width="100%">
            <td valign="TOP" height="100%"><font size="1" ><br>
<yabb main>            </font></td>
            <td align="CENTER" valign="BOTTOM"><p align="center"><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="1"><br>
<yabb copyright>            <br>

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« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2004, 12:11:17 AM »
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Don't give out your account info! And homie, don't be asking for people's account info.

Anyway, he can try out the template code himself by pasting it into the template editor in the admin center, he doesn not need to and should NOT give you access.
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Chris Cromer

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