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Author Topic: Meat! v0.2 - a lightweight article management system  (Read 3425 times)
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Meat! v0.2 - a lightweight article management system
« on: July 18, 2003, 10:32:52 PM »
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I've always liked the YaBB/YaBBSE community, and how their work has benefitted so many of us.

I've been working on my own program, a simple article management system, and since I'm in a good mood today, I've decided to release it to the community here.

Basically, this program, Meat!, is a very simplified content management system. Simplified, because it only handles textual articles, and does not have timed-release and all those other frills. I've noticed that for some people, this is all they need, rather than those enormous content management systems out there that give some of everything.

You can view how it works on my site at these URLs:

http://machinemess.singaporeanimenews.net ( left column )

http://machinemess.singaporeanimenews.net/mm-articles.php ( main article index )

http://machinemess.singaporeanimenews.net/mm-authorprofile.php?author=1 ( author profile )

The way it works is simple. Just run the admin program, type your article text, and it becomes viewable from the main Meat! index.

The entire script is around 80k in size, and can definitely be optimized further.

Download the scripts here.


a web host
latest version of mySQL

I'm releasing this as public domain software, so feel free to modify it and use it for whatever you want. If anyone wants to collaborate with me to develop it further, you're welcome to do so too!

Please note, however, that I am releasing this as unsupported software. I really don't have the time to help debug every single setup and so on, but the script is simple enough, so feel free to explore it.

I threw this archive together in 10 minutes, so I'm sure I left some errors in the documentation somewhere. Just let me know here if you have any problems and I'll see how I can explain it better.

Planned additions include:

1. Allowing viewer commenting for articles
2. Implementing ratings for articles
and more as I think of them

If you do use this on your site, do leave me a message! I'd love to see the uses you guys find for it.
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Re:Meat! v0.2 - a lightweight article management system
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2003, 11:47:31 PM »
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Looks NICE! :D If I had a need for something like that, I would get that in a split second! Right now though, I don't, but I'm saving it to my HD just in case I do :D
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